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Basic Food Nutrition – 2022

By 24 June, 2022December 22nd, 2022No Comments

This year (2022) we proposed to provide sponsorship to another five families of the Nutrition Program through one of the Centers of the Civil Association Haciendo Camino in the town of Añatuya, Santiago del Estero.

These are the children with their respective diagnoses:

MATEO was born at 32 weeks of gestation, and presents mild malnutrition with severe low birth weight (DL-BTG). He lives with his mother, his partner, and his four siblings in a house made of sheet metal, with a dirt floor and no openings (they use blankets to cover the door) and is in a state of generalized deterioration. The house has only one room and is located on land belonging to the former railroad. There are no basic services (electricity and running water) and very little furniture (only 1 table, 3 chairs and 4 beds). Mateo has chronic impetigo dermatitis on his face, which is very expensive to treat.

LEANDRO was born at 36 weeks gestation and is obese with normal height (OB-TN). He lives with his mother, father and five siblings in a visibly precarious material house, built on public land with a sheet metal roof and a smooth cement floor. It consists of two rooms, and the furniture is scarce for the number of family members. Leandro has problems of maturational delay and congenital strabismus.

GONZALO was born at 38 weeks of gestation, and presents mild malnutrition with short stature (DL-BT). He lives with his mother, three uncles, two grandparents and three siblings in a precarious house consisting of a single room which is used as a bedroom and dining room. The house is made of bricks, has a dirt floor and a tin roof. The house is overcrowded and has an outside toilet, electricity and running water, whose pipes are inside the house but outside the house.

ERIK was born at 37 weeks gestation, with normal weight and height. He entered the program based on social criteria. His mother has a metal disability, suffers from seizures and cannot read or write. She says that her first children were the result of abuse. One of her brothers is illiterate and has an undiagnosed disability; another one attends a special school because of learning problems. The house is divided into a room, a dining room and a bathroom. The roof is made of sheet metal, they have electricity and a refrigerator, which allows them to store food.

CRISTIAN was born at 39 weeks gestation, and has mild malnutrition with low height (DL-BT). He lives with his mother, father and three siblings in a ranch-style house divided into a room and a dining room. The roof is made of straw and mud,
The floor is made of dirt. They do not have a bathroom, so they use the neighbor’s bathroom and often go to the open air. They do not have a refrigerator, which makes it difficult for them to store the food they take from the dining rooms or picnic areas in the area.

We need to change the reality for these children. With less than a dollar a day you are providing:

  • Nutritional diagnosis of the child and its treatment.
  • Early stimulation clinic for the child and his mother.
  • Accompaniment of the whole family by a social worker.
  • Milk and diapers that the mother collects to take home.
  • Health education talks for the mother.
  • Workshops for mothers.
  • Recreational space for children.