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Bosque al Sur Community

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Date: February 2022

Location: Bosque al Sur Community, Lago Puelo, Province of Chubut.

Issue: On this occasion, it was not one family that was selected to provide access to safe water, but an entire community. We can say that there were 14 families. This community suffered a terrible fire in 2021, where the little water they had for consumption ran out. This is why, together with Treeple, we wanted to impact these people.

Solution:Building an Australian tank that accumulates up to 28,000 liters of rainwater to supply 44 people. This model has the advantages of ensuring access to water for human consumption for many people. It is a work that is done in a week of hard work, where many volunteers assisted in its construction.

Current situation:The cistern was completed on March 4, 2022, providing access to safe water for 14 families. Now 44 people do not have to walk to fetch water unfit for human consumption.
We believe that this action is the beginning of a better quality of life.

We will visit them to tell us about the transformation that having access to water just a few meters from their home has given them.