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Safe Water for Elizabeth’s Family

By 25 October, 2022December 23rd, 2022No Comments

Date: October 2022

Location: Paraje “Cabañaró”, Tres Isletas, Province of Chaco.

Issue: On this occasion, the family selected to provide access to safe water was that of Elizabeth Ana Duran. This household has five members, three of whom are minors and the husband has an intellectual disability. The nearest water source is a 14 meter well that the family has drilled on their land. A few years ago the water began to have a strong, acidic odor, and the color of the water turned yellow.

Solution: Build a cistern that accumulates up to 16,000 liters of rainwater to supply Elizabeth’s family and 1 other neighbor. This model has the advantages of ensuring access to water for human consumption and promoting local labor.
It is a work that takes a week of hard work. To begin with, the family must dig the well where the cistern will be built following the indications of the professionals. Then, contracted professionals will follow with the help of at least one family member.

Current situation: The cistern was completed on October 15, 2022, providing access to safe water for 2 families. Now 8 people will be able to obtain water fit for human consumption, avoiding the serious diseases caused by bad water.
This was made possible thanks to the collaboration of the Givaudan company, which organized a raffle to pay for this cistern.
We believe that this action is the beginning of a better quality of life.

We will visit them to tell us about the transformation that having access to water just a few meters from their home has given them.