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Safe water for José’s family

By 9 June, 2022December 22nd, 2022No Comments

Date: July 2022

Location: Paraje “La Aguada”, Villa Tulumba, Department of Tulumba, Province of Córdoba.

Issue: On this occasion, the family selected to provide access to safe water was the family of José María Arrieta. This household has three members, one of whom is a minor. The nearest water source is a well, which is located one kilometer walking distance from the house. Previously, they had to sell all their animals to pay for a borehole. Unfortunately, the drilling was not successful as no water was found.

Solution: Build a cistern that accumulates up to 16,000 liters of rainwater to supply the selected family. This model has the advantages of ensuring access to water for human consumption and promoting local labor. As the area is rocky, the well was dug shallow and the cistern had to be built higher than the traditional one. At the same time, the house was located far from the construction site. Because of this, the gutter had to be installed in one of the walls of the cistern. In other words, it runs from the roof of the house down to the floor and then into the building.

Current situation: The cistern was completed on July 11, 2022 giving access to safe water to 6 people, giving them a better quality of life. This was possible thanks to the collaboration of the company Santex, who bought enough bottles of water to pay for the cistern.

We will visit them to tell us about the transformation of having access to water just a few meters from their home.